‘Bite On This, It Willl Hurt Less’ Dog

ETSY SHOP: Talk2thetrees


5 responses to “‘Bite On This, It Willl Hurt Less’ Dog

  1. Hey there! This is MY photo from my Etsy shop.. I would love it if you left a back link to some of these photos.. It’s a bit illegal if you do not. Please leave me some links so these photos aren’t stolen.. and so I can see some of these sad dog’s shops! Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I really hope this didn’t come off as rude. The capitalization of MY was more of a friendly tone.. hope you understand. 🙂 ps I love this site… keep up the awesome work. xoxo

    • Dear Rachael,

      I so appreciate your approach and that you’ve sense of humor. Seriously. I will gladly put up the links (though it will take me a while to trace back and accurately reference 200 or so posts- please be patient with me. Yours will be first.) Whether to credit folks’ sites has been a quandary for me because I haven’t wanted to harm businesses with my joking. At the same time, I’ve wanted to make sure people know that I’ll provide them with a link to any of the pictures they see, if they wish to buy something. To date, when someone has expressed interest, I’ve sent them a link.

      Your note actually helps settle the debate for me though. So thank you so much for letting me know your wishes, and kindly! You rock. I hope when I hear from all the other Mistresses of Stitches they are like you.

      Also, as a side note, your dog is devastatingly cute. Well done.

      The Dog-Faced Girl

  3. No problem at all! I’m sure you don’t have to be in a hurry to link everyone’s photos.. I just figure, as much publicity as someone can get.. the better. 🙂 You might get some people who are upset… but hey, that’s life! It’s better to laugh about it I always say… I also posted this site on my facebook! If you have any other questions you can email me at talk2thetrees@gmail.com that way we won’t have full on conversations through comments. Have a good one!

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