Dear Sad Etsy Dogs Folk, Sad Etsy Dogs C’est Fini.


Here’re a bunch of sad dogs in mourning:

And one that’s just dressed like an asshole:

(HappyDogClothes, MadScienceCreations, PetitDogApparel,  ToScarboroughFair, and HopeImages, respectively.)

But…but, WHY? Why is one of my favorite time-wasting-morning-coffee-snorting-holier-than-thou-pet-owner blogs peaceing out? I LOVE dogs dressed like assholes!

Well, for one thing, as hilarious these incredibly sad dogs continue to be, I have now told the same joke over 200 times.


This is the look of betrayal I imagine you’re giving me:

Or maybe this: “Fuck You! Fuck You! Fuck You!”


I’m sure I won’t be able to resist posting the occasional new horror, (I’m thinking, HOLIDAY SPECIALS?) but essentially, Sad Esty Dogs is a wrap.

Now’s the time to check out the Archives if you haven’t already, or spend some time with my new Story-Comic blog, The Dog-Faced Girl; a mixed-humor bag of stories, illustrations and haiku.

(Just don’t read the sad, dead mom post if you’re looking for laughs. It’s genuinely sad. Fair warning.)

Allow me to suggest instead, Re-fried Mouse, Hamster Perfume, The Truth About Babies, or for you New Yorkers, FLOW.

This is my first hamster Fuzzy at the moment of death…

Lots of love to all the good-natured designers who put up with my ruthless mockery. You’ve made thousands of people happy.

Sad Etsy Dogs thanks you.



The Dog-Faced Girl


3 responses to “Dear Sad Etsy Dogs Folk, Sad Etsy Dogs C’est Fini.

  1. Nooooo! Say it ain’t so! First, now sadetsydogs…. please come back with at least a holiday special! Otherwise how will I get through the season?!! Thanks for all the laughs!!

  2. You say that as if telling the same joke 200+ times is a BAD thing…?

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