Real pictures of real dogs in real misery; an exaggerated view of Etsy’s misguided petshionistas and their loyal, model pups.

Some of the best are at the beginning, so it is worth going back.

*Sad Etsy Dogs currently updates for holidays, special horrors and whim.

Who knew there would be such an endless parade of misery? I am ever grateful to the mad knitters and stitchers who made these gems public. Without some of you repeat offenders, this blog would not exist.


14 responses to “About

  1. Maeve O'Donnell-Morales

    Hi, Sad Etsy Dog! You make my days at work so, so much brighter! Thank you! 🙂 Keep ’em coming.

  2. WHAT A HOOT!!!! We’re going to follow you through this madness.

    Arrrooo, Stuart

  3. Genius! I’ve just shown this to everyone at work and we are all beside ourselves. Keep it up! ❤

  4. I laughed until I cried and fabulous chemicals were released in my brain. Thank you.

  5. The whippets an IG’s need sweaters in winter, but not tacky sweaters. So sad.

  6. Your site is everything I’ve ever wanted.

  7. I see more than dogs on here. 😛

  8. I kind of think there should be links so that I can dress my dog in said fashions. <—Sadly not being sarcastic.

  9. can we submit dogs for consideration? I have a pretty decent Sad Etsy photo of my dog, but since the outfit was via an Alchemy request, it’s not on the main site. 😛

    • Hah- you raise an interesting question. I had a woman ask earlier about showing her dog but it was sort of a “if my dog *happened* to be dressed up in something shocking would you put it on the site” *wink wink* scenario, and while I do think dogs in outfits are funny, I don’t want to encourage more and more ridiculous numbers just for exposure.

      That being said, if you already had this pic and it’s genuinely from an Etsy related project you worked on and you don’t mind me joking about it, I don’t see why not. 😀 You can send it to me with any comments or wishes at thedogfacedgirl@gmail.com


  10. What margaret said! 🙂

  11. and also just thought re Some of the best are at the beginning, so it is worth going back. maybe link somewhere to your first post? I started paging back then stopped then read here that some of the best were the earliest ones — but to find them I’d have to start paging back all over again. Lazy me, I know!

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