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Ok I wore it. We’re best friends. You can stop dialing her number over and over while weeping into the hottub.

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4th Level Druid Can’t Level Up In This


‘Drop-Kicked Through The Goal Posts Of Life’ Dogs

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“Can Carry Own Poop In Bustle Now, Thanks” Dog

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‘Just Can’t Bear It Anymore’ Snow Plow Frock Dog

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I Gave Up After She Exchanged My Hind Legs For Wheels. I Think The Soft Focus Helps.

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Christmas Special: Dog Is Like Candycane No One Will Lick

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Hanukkah Special: ‘Candle Burned Out In Heart Long Ago’ Puppy

Want more Holiday Specials?

Thanksgiving Holiday Special: DOG SALTS BUTTER SUIT WITH OWN TEARS

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Want more Holiday Specials?

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