*Crochet VS Knit:

Thank you to all my quality control peeps who keep trying to educate me, but I actually do know the difference. The gleeful sacrifice of accuracy for humor has been a conscious one. For example: “Knitted Nipple Scarf” just sounds funnier than “Crocheted Nipple Scarf.” This is because ‘Knitted’ and ‘Nipple’ are alliterative.

I realize that this drives some people crazy and is totally misleading to vast groups of folks new to the proper taxonomy of textiles. But I haven’t cared! Bwahahahah!

But now I do, I guess, because you do. Therefore, in respect to the great arts which have lead to these great humiliations, I will endeavor to be more accurate in future. I also like it oh-so-much every time someone leaves a remotely friendly comment, so please do continue, including quality control.

xoxox -The Dog-Faced Girl

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