Sad Guest Dog Submissions

By popular demand, I will now be accepting Sad Guest Dog Submissions.

If you see or have a great picture of a Sad Guest Dog who isn’t an Etsy survivor but should be, you can e-mail it to for review.

By submitting a photo you give me permission to have my way with the title and say whatever I please and agree to accept all mockery in good humor.

Don’t be bummed if it doesn’t get chosen. There are plenty of reasons that might happen, and it doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh my ass off and enjoy it tremendously.

Please don’t send me tag lines with your pictures. I know you guys are hilarious yourselves; your comments are proof, but if you send me a tag line and it’s one I would have thought of myself, then I feel all guilty about not crediting you for ‘our’ idea. If you have a great title in mind, kindly hold onto until after I post, and then leave it in the comment section.

Please include your source in a link or a note. Is it your dog? Is there a story? Where did you see this dog? How do you want me to credit you? Submissions without sources and answers to the credit question will not be considered.

*A final note: Submissions are for pre-existing photos only! Do not subject your poor, loyal dog to an impromptu photo-shoot o’ woe just for a shot at fame and fortune! Plus, there’s no fortune. Trust me. (Who should have added Ad words before her blog randomly took off into the thousands? Ooh, me. Pick me.)

No fortune. Just funny.

Hit me up!

One response to “Sad Guest Dog Submissions

  1. This dogs face just screams – terrified with fear.

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